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Client Membership

A safer path to the erotic.

Hush Space was created out of necessity in response to the increasing amount of fake and fraudulent escort ads online today and how they affect legitimate escorts and clients.

Veteran and new to the industry clients are now visiting some of the most trusted escort directories and questioning the authenticity of their escort ads. Ads marked verified are now becoming questionable to even the most experienced hobbyist. Experienced clients are leaving these platforms and aren’t returning or are slow to return.

These negative client experiences are becoming more and more prevalent and are tarnishing our industry. Real, providers are left to be subjected to less desirable lurkers and time wasters, as new and veteran clients refuse to take the risk that comes with directories.

Good, legitimate providers and client connections are missed due to this new toxic element that is becoming more prevalent. securely bridges these missed connections in a very big way.

How client verification works with Hush Space


Only US citizens are allowed to participate in the Hush Space verification program.


Client member pays $98 which covers administrative, account setup, duel verification check, and 1st-year membership. Subsequent years $49.


Upon successful application, interview and acceptance, client is assigned a HUSHID, which is not public nor visible in the Hush Space provider area.


The client’s HUSHID can only be shared directly by the client.


Because HushSpace is a sensually safe network, the provider must be a HushSpace subscriber to verify the client’s HUSHID.


To verify the client, the provider must complete a form with their Hush Space registered email address, the client’s registered Hush Space email address, the client’s HUSHID, and a special PIN number.


Failure to provide or incorrectly provide the required requested information will delay the verification process.


Once verified the provider will be emailed a PDF showing client clearance, blacked out sensitive information, and the client interview.

Become Client Verified Today

  • You must be at least 21 years of age or older to submit a client verification application. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us PRIOR TO submitting your application.
  • Please make sure ALL your verification information is correct, including and especially your email address.
  • Hush Space will NEVER call you or your employer.
  • Hush Space will only contact you via the email you provided here.
  • ANY inaccuracies will delay application approval.
  • The client pays a one-time $98 fee which covers administrative, account setup, duel verification check, and first-year membership. Subsequent years are only $49.
  • For any reason(s) we are unable to verify you, you will only be eligible for a refund of your first-year membership ($49). There are no refunds once you are approved and verified.